Silas Soule: A Short, Eventful Life of Moral Courage

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Silas Stillman Soule, who grew up in the decades just before the Civil War, created an unforgettable legacy in his tragically short life. This courageous young man transported slaves via the Underground Railroad, aided in the jailbreak of a doctor accused of aiding slaves, participated in an attempt to rescue John Brown’s men after Harpers Ferry, and fought for the Union at the little-known but very important Battle of the Glorieta Pass.


About Tom Bensing

Tom Bensing, who earned history degrees from Penn State and Millersville (Pa.) universities, has studied Sand Creek and Native American/white relations for the past seven years. That research led to his interest in Silas Soule’s story. Bensing’s father’s passion for Native Americans and their interaction with the Army inspired the author's own interest in Western history.



SAMUEL FORSTER TAPPAN gazed once again upon the town of Lawrence, Kansas. Rebuilt after its destruction two years prior, it could now celebrate a more peaceful existence after a ten-year period of various kinds of bloody warfare.


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